Want to buy your dream home before 35? Here are a few tips to make it happen

Image Source : FILE PHOTO/PTI Prices in the real estate market fell a few years ago, but they are now quite high.

Purchasing a residence is perhaps the most significant financial move and aim in life in anyone’s life. Perhaps the most exciting things you’ll ever undertake is to acquire your dream home. However, it can also be one of the most stressful experiences you will ever have.

It has always been a watershed moment, something that generations have focused on. It necessitates a lifetime of savings and a great deal of hard work. Homeownership increases the value of sustainability and dependability. Buying a house is a key pillar to wealth generation. You gain a sense of accomplishment as you complete one of the most important milestones in your life by purchasing a house. It’s because you shielded your family from the weather. Owning a home is also a form of investment that can yield beneficial results in terms of capital appreciation and tax advantages. As we can see, owning a home sets the bar in all facets of a person’s life, both financially and socially.

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If you’ve always wanted to own a home, real estate is the most straightforward and trouble-free investment option. It is no longer thought that one must be well settled before purchasing a home.

Certain aspects must be reviewed prior to purchasing a home. You don’t have to wait until you’re 35 to buy a house. That being said, if you want to buy a house at a young age, you must check a few boxes. Here are a few pointers that you might find useful.

Build a healthy credit history

It is critical that you maintain a positive credit history in order to qualify for a larger loan. A good credit card score also shows that you are financially responsible.

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“Enhance Your Credit Score, A strong credit score not only qualifies you for a home loan, but it also increases your bargaining power for lower interest rates. Improve your credit score by reimbursing your outstanding debts on time, not pursuing for too many credit products in a brief span of time, not exceeding 45 percent of the overall of your credit card limit, and resolving any credit report discrepancies,” said Anurag Goel, director of Goel Ganga Developments. 

Keep in mind that having a good credit score (above 750) not just makes you eligible for a home loan, but it also ends up putting you in a superior position to bargain for lower rates of interest.

Make and stick to a budget

Another very important step is to make a budget for yourself and commit to it. Examine and assess your expenses before making a budget. As we advance in our careers, our salaries rise, as do our expenses. As a result, it is critical to analyse and evaluate expenses before developing a budget. It would help you cut down on extra expenses and save more money. 

“Getting a house is no easy task. You will need to not only plan a budget for the home you want to buy, but you will also be required to pick a suitable area. Calculate the additional charges to be paid, such as society fees, utility bills, maintenance costs, interior and renovation costs, and so on. Check the legal status of the construction, the date of possession (for under-construction houses), and other details,” Nidhi Aggarwal, founder, Space Mantra said.

Home loan comparison

In addition to exploring the type of residence you want to buy, try comparing housing loans to narrow down your options. There are numerous home loans readily available on the market, so you must select the best one that you are capable of affording. Fees differ from bank to bank, but you must cautiously acknowledge the charges: the fee for borrowing, the service charge, and the break – down fee. Always keep your budget and earnings in mind when calculating your expenses.

According to Vishal Raheja, MD, InvestoXpert.com, “Home loans really aren’t cheap. You’ll have to reimburse Instalments every month, which will most likely be much higher than the rent you’re incurring. You might have to set aside money each quarter to pay off your mortgage. In addition to researching the type of home you want to buy, compare home loans. Another significant advantage of being a young homeowner is that the earlier you buy a home, the longer your house will appreciate in value.”

Keep an eye on real estate prices

Prices in the real estate market fell a few years ago, but they are now quite high. Low rates would be a decent bargain for oneself, so carefully examine the market and determine when prices will fall again. Because you will not accept anything less.

“Keeping up with the latest on real estate price trends will aid you seize the best deals and, in certain cases, also may raise your negotiating power. Examine the various rates offered by various banks and select the one that offers the lowest rate with the longest term,” said Suren Goyal, partner, RPS Group. 

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