Visaka Industries gets patent for product ‘ATUM’ Solar Roof

Visaka Industries has been granted a patent for its product ‘ATUM’ Solar Roof by the United States of America Patent Office, which is valid for 20 years. The patent has been granted for the invention titled ‘Eco-Friendly Energy Generating Roofs.’

ATUM is categorized as a ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ product as all its component parts are developed, manufactured, and assembled in India. ATUM is a roof that generates electricity. It is the world’s first completely integrated, seamless solar roof made with MONO Crystalline PERC cells which makes it 50% more efficient than traditional solar panels.

Founded in 1983, Visaka Industries has multiple product portfolios ranging from corrugated cement sheets, fibre cement boards, hybrid solar roofs and manmade yarn.

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