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KANPUR/LUCKNOW: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday mounted a searing attack on the Samajwadi Party (SP) leadership linking it to the recent seizure of a haul of unaccounted cash from a Kanpur-based perfume trader, Piyush Jain.
He said that those who take credit for all development project completed by BJP, should come forward to take credit for this corruption scandal.
“2017 se pehle bhrashtachar ka itr jo unhone chhidak rakha tha wo fir samne aa gaya hai.. (The scent of corruption which they had spread before 2017 has emerged once again),” Modi said, while addressing a gathering after inaugurating the first leg of the Metro rail project at Nirala Nagar railway ground here on Tuesday.
Piyush Jain was arrested on Sunday after raids at his premises in Kanpur and Kannauj led to the recovery of about Rs 257 crore in cash, 25 kg of gold and 250 kg of silver.
The PM expressed “surprise” as to why the SP, which has been “taking credit” of every project, was “not coming forward in this case also”.
“Par ab wo muh pe tala laga ke baithe hain…credit lene nahi aa rahe hain… (They are now tight-lipped and not coming forward to take credit for this also),” Modi said.
He further added that “bundles of currency notes were the only achievement of the opposition”.
Modi’s attack on SP came two days after the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed that Piyush Jain was connected to SP, a charge which the latter had denied. His sharp slavos, nevertheless, marked BJP’s unrelenting stance to corner the opposition on the issue of corruption ahead of the high stake UP assembly elections. This also comes even as the SP positions itself squarely against the saffron outfit to arrest its chances of returning to office after the state polls.
Modi said that the political parties who had their “economic policies driven by corruption and giving patronage to criminals cannot develop the state”.”
“For previous governments, coming to power meant hitting a jackpot. They would then loot the state,” Modi said.
Stressing that while law and order was the primary condition for industrial investment, the previous state governments let loose the web of “mafiawaad”, which led to closure of existing industries in the state.
He asserted that people are very much aware how funds were swindled in the name of projects during previous regimes. “People who governed the state earlier never understood the importance of time. They wasted precious time at the start of the 21st century. Their priority was not the development of UP and its people,” he charged.
He said that it was the “double engine government of the BJP” which was “compensating for the loss” the state faced. “We are working with double speed,” he said, citing the examples of the country’s biggest airport in Jewar, expressways like Purvanchal and Ganga expressway, country’s Rapid Road Transit System and dedicated freight corridor.
“It is the double engine government of BJP, which knows how to fix big targets and meet them,” Modi said, asserting that timely completion of a project ensured proper utilization of public money for the benefit of the people.
He said, earlier, piped water was not reaching crores of houses in UP. “Today, we are engaged in providing clean water to every household of UP through Har Ghar Jal Mission,” he added.
The PM said, for decades, this situation prevailed in our country that one part was developed and the other was left behind. “At the level of the states, it is equally important to remove this inequality at the level of society,” said the PM and added, “That is why our government is working on the mantra of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas.”
The PM also hit out at the opposition for having problems with every step the government takes to strengthen the society. “Which is why they are opposed to steps taken for empowerment of women. be it law against ‘triple talaq’ or increasing the marriage age of girls,” he said, underscoring that the opposition lacked “vision and target”.
UP, which had earlier attained the dubious distinction of illegal weapons, is poised to have a defence corridor, he said. “Which is why people are saying ‘farq saaf hai’ (the distinction is clear),” he said, hoisting the tagline of the BJP election campaign. “This ‘farq’ (distinction) is not because of only schemes but also of the work culture,” the PM added.
The PM said that before 2014, the facility of a Metro rail was available in only five cities in the country. “Today, UP alone has five cities with Metro rail facilities,” he pointed out.
Quoting government data, Modi said before 2014 the total length of the Metro rail line in UP was only 9 kms. It increased to 18 kms between 2014 and 2017. “After taking Kanpur Metro into consideration, the total length of Metro in UP has grown to 90 kms,” he said.
Connecting himself to locals, the PM said, “Today is Tuesday, and with the blessings of Panki Wale Hanuman ji, today another golden chapter is being added in the development of UP and today Kanpur has got Metro connectivity,” said the PM, adding that “Also, Kanpur is now connected to Bina Refinery.”

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