Trump ‘Criminal’ NFTs becomes popular after ex-US President’s indictment in 34 charges

Image Source : FREEPIK Trump ‘Criminal’ NFTs becomes popular after indictment in 34 charges

A knockoff of Trump original NFT collection is gaining traction after his historic indictment in 34 charges. There are two NFT collections involving former US President Donald Trump that have gained popularity in the market. The first collection, called Trump Digital Trading Cards, was officially released in December 2021. The second collection, called Trump Criminal Digital Cards, is an unauthorized version of the first that features Trump in various jail cells and wearing different types of prison garb. 

The Trump Criminal Digital Cards initiative was introduced about two weeks ago, as rumors of Trump’s impending indictment in relation to alleged secret money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels in 2016 increased.

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While the official Trump NFT collection has a high market capitalization of $42 million, the unauthorized Trump Criminal Digital Cards collection has a lower floor price and less volume. Both collections have seen recent increases in trading volume and price. The Trump Criminal Digital Cards collection appears to be an unlicensed knockoff of Trump Digital Trading Cards, but has gained popularity because of its depiction of Trump in jail cells and prison garb, a reference to his potential criminal charges. Some purchases of the Trump Criminal Digital Cards collection were tagged as “Smart Money Buys” on Nansen, a platform that tracks prolific traders.

The market for NFTs has grown in recent years and they are often used to represent digital assets such as artwork, music, and videos. While the Trump Digital Trading Cards collection was released by Trump himself, the Trump Criminal Digital Cards collection is an unauthorized version created by other individuals.

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