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Tata Nexon EV catches fire in Mumbai

Tata Nexon EV Fire News: Amid massive backlash that Ola has been facing over rising incidents of electric scooters catching fire, its founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has said that EV fires are a global phenomenon and that this will happen. Aggarwal’s tweet came immediately after a Tata Nexon EV caught fire in Mumbai.

“EV fires will happen. Happens in all global products too. EV fires are much less frequent than ICE (internal combustion engine) fires,” he said.

Earlier today, a Tata Nexon EV caught fire in Mumbai’s Vasai West area. The video of the Tata Nexon engulfed in fire went viral on social media in no time. 

According to the owner of the car, he had charged his Nexon EV with a normal slow charger installed at his office. After driving about 5 km towards his house, he heard some weird sounds from the car and saw flashes of warnings on the dashboard which alerted him to stop the vehicle and get out of the car.

This is the first case of fire involving an electric car in the country. The company said in a statement that ‘a detailed investigation is currently being conducted to ascertain the facts of this isolated incident’.

Tata Nexon EV is considered the safest electric compact SUV. It was first launched in January 2020. It is also the highest selling electric car in India. At least 2,500-3,000 cars are sold every month in the country, according to the company’s claim. The company has so far delivered over 30,000 Nexon EVs.

Several electric two-wheelers have caught fire in the last few months owing to battery explosions. This prompted the government to set up a panel to probe into the incidents. The government has already warned companies that hefty penalties will be slapped on them if they were found to be negligent.

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