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Kanpur: A stamp duty deficit to the tune of Rs 1.46 lakhs has been found in the registration of Chakeri building of Abdul Rehman, son of builder Haji Wasi. The registration department has sent a report of this effect to the district magistrate and launched proceedings to realize the value of the deficit amount from him. A notice to this effect has been sent to him.
The registry department will issue a recovery certificate if the deficit stamp duty was not paid by Abdul Rehman.
In another development, the administration has directed to take action against those who had played a role in mutation of the property as half of it has been raised on government land. Abdul Wasi had executed the deed of this property in 2020 and mutation had taken place in 2021.
A dispute has been going on for a long time in Chakeri over the property built by the builder Wasi’s son Abdul. A total survey was conducted to measure the action position of the land and then it came to light that some part of the property has been raised on private land and some on government land. The district administration had also sought a report from the tehsil and registry department in this regard.
The registry department reported that Abdul Rehman had purchased this property from one Bhola Singh of Adarsh Vihar, PAC Line and it was registered on December 14, 2020 in Zone number 1. Around 487.65 square meter belong to Chanderi locality and at the time of registration the purchaser had depicted that the plot was situated on a narrow road. Now, after inquiry it was found that the purchaser had cheated and there was a deficit of stamp duty of Rs.1,46,770.
The tehsil department had reported that mutation of this property was held on July 12, 2021. Since no one had objected, mutation was ordered. Since the five-storey building had been raised on a big part of the government land, therefore, a search had been initiated for the lekhpal who had mutated this property. Both Abdul Rehman and Haji Wasi were involved in Nai Sarak violence which had taken place on June 3.

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