Sikhs Praise Sit Action, Say ’84 Riot Accused Be Punished | Kanpur News

Kanpur: People of the Sikh community praised the efforts of the state government and the Special Investigation Team (SIT) for a breakthrough into the murder of 127 people in 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Kanpur.
According to the SIT, they have also found that Raghvendra Kushawaha, the nephew of the then local Congress MLA Shivnath Singh Kushwaha, had allegedly led and instigated mobs after the riots broke out in the city in the aftermath of the assassination of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.
“People of the Sikh community were wandering from door to door for justice, many governments came but the culprits could not get punishment,” said Kawaljit Singh Manu of Sikh Morcha.
He added that when the SIT was formed in February 2019, people were hopeful that action would be taken against the culprits and they would be punished. Today, the dream came true, four people were arrested and many others are likely to be arrested soon.
Anand Bagh resident Ranjit Singh said that his general store shop was looted by rioters and he spent two days by hiding in the water tank on the roof-top, saving his and other family members’ lives. “There is an atmosphere of joy in the Sikh community that the culprits, who have been arrested, will soon be punished,” said Singh further.
SIT sources, meanwhile, said that the investigators are now zeroing in on the nephew of a former Congress MLA from Kanpur, who has been accused and who had played a major role in instigating the mob. “Raghavendra used to operate buses. During the riots, he used to bring hundreds of people from rural areas to Kanpur in his buses. People used to spread riots by killing, looting and arson. Raghavendra used to lead the rioters,” informed SIT sources further.

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