safari: Etawah Safari Lion Manan Who Sired Many Cubs Dies | Kanpur News

Kanpur/Lucknow: Asiatic lion Manan, who fathered many cubs and played a major role in increasing the population of Asiatic lions in the state, died at Etawah Lion Safari late on Monday. Authorities said the 14-year-old Manan was confirmed to be suffering from skin cancer.
A test was conducted on Manan by a team of experts from the Indian Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Research, Bareilly. A surgery to remove a lump on the big cat’s lower waist was also being considered, said Shesh Mishra, director of Safari Park. The Safari administration had also written to the Indian Wildlife Research Institute, Bareilly, to send an expert.
On June 13, Manan’s body temperature was found to be high and the big cat was breathing through his mouth. The blood sample was collected and sent to the laboratory while medicines were provided to Manan, who breathed his last on Monday.

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