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LUCKNOW: Commuters in Mawaiyya on Kanpur Road came across an unusual site late on Wednesday night, when a man in a khaki uniform, rather than brandishing his baton and Glock pistol, was collecting bulky stones to fill potholes of the railway underpass.
Minutes earlier, before the cop started to restore the road, a woman had injured herself after falling off of a two-wheeler at the same spot.
On Thursday, a video of the cop securing the pothole went viral on social media. The cop was identified as constable Vijay Kumar (36) of railway protection force (RPF) who is currently posted at Alamnagar railway station.
A resident of Gorakhpur, the constable had voluntarily filled potholes last year as well after he came across another injured commuter near Mawaiyya.
However, the pothole Kumar had filled in an hour-long exercise on Wednesday night was back to its original shape on Thursday.
Veena, a resident of the locality, said, “Potholes at railway underpass have been a constant threat to commuters, especially during night hours. Last month, my son got injured due to a pothole-ridden road.”
Mahesh, a fruit vendor who witnessed Wednesday night’s incident, told TOI that a couple along with a kid on a motorbike fell off on the road due to a pothole.
“The injured woman was bleeding from her knee and was taken to hospital following which a cop who was passing by, along with another fruit vendor, started filling the pothole-ridden road with stones, gravel and soil,” he said.
Speaking to TOI, constable Kumar said, “I had done this before also, it is just that someone shot a video this time and shared it on social media.”
Meanwhile, NR DRM Lucknow Suresh Kumar Sapra took cognizance of Kumar’s video and is likely to felicitate him.

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