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Kanpur: For the first time, the family members of perfume businessman Piyush Jain spoke to media in connection with the raids wherein unaccounted cash, besides 25 kg of gold and 600 liters of sandal oil was recovered from the premises of the trader in Kanpur and Kannauj in the past few days. Piyush Jain’s elder son Pratyush Jain, talking to media said, “I have full faith in justice. And if we are right, we will get justice.”
The process of GST intelligence at the ancestral residence of Perfume businessman Piyush Jain however ended late on Tuesday night. The team took the sandalwood oil samples recovered from their house and the necessary documents with them.
The raids of the GST team running at Piyush Jain, a resident of Mohalla Chhippatti in Kannauj, ended on the fifth day i.e. on Tuesday.
After sending cash of Rs 19 crore found from home in the afternoon and 23 kg of gold recovered in the evening to Lucknow, the team got involved in the paperwork.
This action lasted till two o’clock in the night. After this the team took samples of sandalwood oil recovered from the house.
At the same time, the documents found from the house were kept in four bags.
Additional director of GST Intelligence Zakir Hussain said that Rs 19 crore cash was found from the house, which they had handed over to SBI. Husain said that this is the biggest raid ever. He also said that the sample will be taken to the lab in Delhi.

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