Outlets Used Harmful Yellow Colour | Kanpur News

Kanpur: The Agra lab report has stated that all the six outlets of Baba Biryani were using non-permitted metanil yellow colour.
“Metanil yellow has been documented to be a potent toxic chemical due to its many toxic effects on some organ systems in humans as well as animals; it has been kept in non-permitted category,” said Vijay Pratap Singh, assistant commissioner, food department. It has been generally added with turmeric powder to give colour. However, for preparing biryani, saffron is used. “Roadside shops that sell biryani often use metallic colours, not saffron,” he said.
Officials further said that as per the medical professionals, it is lead-based and accumulates in kidney and heart. “There are chances of problems in kidney and heart,” he added.


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