Mphasis, Ardonagh sign business venture agreement

Mphasis and Ardonagh Group, UK (Ardonagh) have signed business venture agreement wherein, Mphasis acquires 51% in Mrald, a company incorporated and registered in England and Wales, with 49% of the equity remaining with Ardonagh. Mrald will service middle and back-office functions, and is aimed at expanding in two areas – insurance operations and technology capabilities; and new clients across the Ardonagh and third party clients in the insurance intermediate market.

Mphasis holds a majority share (51%) with both operating control and full economic interest, as well as bringing their existing offshore expertise to constitute an extended global outsourcing & transformation proposition and capability that can be harnessed to personalise and to meet individual UK customer needs.

Mphasis is a global service provider, delivering technology-based solutions across many sectors.

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