Minor boy rapes, kills 53-yr-old woman in suspected revenge crime in MP: Police

The Madhya Pradesh police on Friday apprehended a 16-year-old boy for raping and killing a 58-year-old woman in a suspected revenge crime in Rewa district.

The woman was found dead on Wednesday in her house in a village of Rewa district. She was alone at home as her husband and son had gone to Jabalpur for medical treatment, police said adding that some valuable items were also found missing from the house.

Additional superintendent of police (ASP) Vivek Lal said during the investigation, the son of the deceased woman expressed doubts on the minor boy who belonged to the same village.

“Two years ago, he had come to our house to watch TV. He had stolen a mobile phone from the house. Since then, the accused boy had been treating our family as enemies,” the son of the deceased woman told the police, as quoted by the ASP.

“The police detained the boy and interrogated him for six hours and he confessed the crime,” the ASP said.

To be sure, a confession or disclosure statement of any person made before a police officer is not admissible as evidence before a court unless it is backed by other evidence. Only a confession before a judge is admissible as evidence against an accused.

Police will produce the accused boy before the juvenile justice court, the ASP said.

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