Madhya Pradesh: MLA warns cop to ‘shut up’ as they scuffle over filing an FIR

An argument broke out between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Rajesh Prajapati and a police official in Madhya Pradesh’s Chhatarpur over registering a case against a person in the police station, according to Live Hindustan. The MLA staged a protest outside the Lavkushnagar police station while later led to a scuffle between him and the police in-charge.

A video of the police official, named Hemant Nayak, forcing to root out Prajapati from the station’s entrance has gone viral. Nayak was heard alleging the MLA of attempting to register a false case against a person, whereas, Prajapati was heard questioning the police official’s behaviour and tone of voice.

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“Look how he (Nayak) is speaking, that too with an MLA. (Facing towards Nayak) Don’t shout, you can’t shout at me. We will sit here and protest,” Prajapati said.

According to Live Hindustan, the MLA reached the Lavkushnagar police station along with his supporters to register a case against a person. However, the police official denied filing an FIR, upon which, Prajapati carried out a sit in in front of the entrance. Nayak directed the MLA to leave but he didn’t budge.

The matter escalated and superintendent of police Sachin Sharma had to interfere and call in Nayak. According to the report, probe into the case related Prajapati has started and the protest was later called off. MLA Pradhyuman Singh demanded action against the police official for misbehaving with Prajapati.

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