lok adalat: 5 Family Issues Resolved In Spl Lok Adalat | Kanpur News

Kanpur: As many as five matrimonial disputes were settled on a compromise basis in the special Lok Adalat held at Kanpur court premises on Friday.
Out of around 166 applications presented to resolve matrimonial disputes on a compromise basis by the specially constituted benches for the special Lok Adalat, the judicial officials resolved disputes of five who went back to their homes on a happy, said Shraddha Tripathi in-charge, District Legal Service Authority (DLSA).
A special Lok Adalat will be organized on January 22 to resolve matrimonial issues, she said.
Ramesh Chandra (I), judicial official of the principal family court had constituted special benches to settle the issues. On Friday, a pre-trial was held in which around 166 applications were heard.
The specially constituted benches would sit once again on January 13 to resolve matrimonial issues , the in-charge DLSA added.

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