Krishna Janmashtami 2021: History, shubh muhurat, puja essentials

India celebrates their gods with a huge amount of devotion and happiness amongst its family and friends. Each festival has significance and a specific time and way to celebrate it and above everything that weighs the most is its mythological value. 

One such festival is Janmashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna which is celebrated with great zeal across the country and holds great significance. This year is Lord Krishna’s 5248th Birth Anniversary. 

Janmashtami is celebrated according to the Hindu Lunar calendar on the eighth day of the month of the ‘Shravan’. 

Now, Janmashtami is known by different names across India such as Gokulashtami, Krishnasthami, Srijayanti and Maharashtra is famous for celebrating Janmashtami through ‘Dahi Handi’ which may not take place this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. The ISKCON temple also celebrates Lord Krishna’s birth anniversary on a huge scale with chanting bhajans and singng and dancing. Another place that celebrates Janmashtami with enthusiasm is Mathura which was also his birthplace, people play with colours to celebrate Krishna.  

Here are all the things you would want to know about Janmashtami: 

As a ritual many people keep a fast on this day and perform bhajans and kirtans. The story of Lord Krishan’s birth is narrated and in many places, plays are performed enacting the life of Lord Krishna. Since Lord Krishna was born at midnight, people perform puja at the same time by bathing the child version (Bal Gopal) of Lord Krishna in honey, milk, curd, ghee and water which is called the ‘Panchamrit’ and new clothes are offered to him. Many also follow the tradition of swinging the Bal Gopal in a cradle on this day.

Materials used for performing the puja: 

A clean chowki, Yellow or red coloured cloth, an idol of child Krishna, cucumber, honey, milk, curd, Panchamrit, Gangajal, sandalwood for tilak, incense, lamp, incense sticks, intact butter because Lord Krishna loved eating butter, sweets, basil leaves, etc.

Method of performing puja: 

– Preferably one should fast according to the tradition on Janmashtami. One should get up early in the morning, take a bath and clean the temple of the house. 

– Spread a yellow or a red cloth on a chowki where you wish to perform the puja and place the statue of Bal Gopal on the chowki. 

– Arrange everything around the statue – sweets, flowers etc. 

– Then at midnight start the ritual by bathing Lord Krishna honey, milk, curd, ghee and water and offer sweets to it. Swing it like a cradle 2-3 times. Hear the story of the birth of Lord Krishna and perform the aarti and finally distribute the prasad to everyone.

Krishna Janmashtami Muhurat 2021:

– Puja Timings – August 31, 11:59 pm to 12:44 am Duration – 45 Minutes

– Paran Time – After August 31, 12:44 am, 

– Ashtami date starts – August 29 at 11:25 pm

– Ashtami date ends – August 31 at 01:59 am

– Rohini Nakshatra starts – August 30 at 06:39 am

– Rohini Nakshatra ends – August 31 at 09:44 am

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