Kanpur Violence Has Pak, Iran & Oman Connection | Kanpur News

Kanpur: The information regarding the June 3 violence in Parade and its adjoining areas was not only shared with WhatsApp users of Pakistan but also with those of Iran and Oman. People from Iran, Oman and Pakistan were also found to be members of the WhatsApp group surfaced during investigation by the police. A screenshot of a message has also gone viral on social media on the day of the violence. The message read, “No one will back down, Sheikh Saheb has ordered.”
NIA has also become active after the names of these countries came to force, said police sources. “A NIA team visited the city on Thursday, and sought help from ATS to know the whereabouts of these numbers,” police sources further informed. To recall, the Special Investigation Team (SIT), constituted by the state government to look into June 3 Kanpur clashes, came across calls made to Pakistan by an individual wanted in connection with the violence, but he is absconding. The SIT had found that the call was made from a number belonging to a listed history-sheeter Ateeq Khichdi, a member of D-2 gang (local gang number). Ateeq is absconding since the violence had occurred. Apart from it, a screenshot of a chat has also gone viral on social media, in which a man can be seen instigating another person about inciting violence. The viral screenshot is said to be of Ateeq Khichdi, the source informed.

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