Kanpur Muslim group seeks help from clerics, imams to exhort youths to follow Aginpath | Kanpur News

KANPUR: A group of Muslim intellectuals in the city under the banner of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) has come up with an initiative to dispel rumours about the newly launched Agnipath scheme and has urged clerics and imams of mosques to appeal to youths coming for Friday prayers to utilize the opportunity and serve the country by joining the defence forces.
At a time when widespread violent protests by youths against the Agnipath scheme have subsided notably, AMP members have sought help from noted Muslim clerics and imams of mosques in the city and urged them to appeal to youngsters to apply for jobs in defence forces under Agnipath scheme.
The initiative will start from Friday ahead of the prayers. The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) has been diligently working to promote education for Muslim children.
“We support the Central government’s Agnipath scheme also like other ones. Our message will be passed on to eligible Muslim youths by noted clerics and Imams of the mosques in the city. A special appeal will be made for this by them in the Friday prayers tomorrow,” said AMP patron Shahid Kamran.
Another senior member of the Association said, “We are also taking the help of social media and trying to guide the Muslim youths looking for job opportunities in the Army.”
“We have informed the aspirants who have passed Class 10 and Class 12 that they can apply for the job under Agnipath scheme. The registration for this will start from June 24. Online examinations will start from July 25. Age limit is between 17 years, 6 months to 23 years. We are also approaching coaching institutes and colleges run by Muslim bodies. Information about Agnipath scheme will not only be given to Muslim youths but also to those from other communities,” said Kamran.
The AMP has requested the imams of mosques to ask ‘namazis’ to spread word about the Agnipath scheme among their relatives and friends. “This is a very good opportunity to secure a job for livelihood and serve the country as well. One can avail additional information on the scheme and application process on the website www.mod.gov.in,” he added.


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