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Kanpur: Though monsoon has arrived but there is no trace of rain anywhere. People of parched Madanpur village of Kanpur Dehat district turn back to superstition and rustic beliefs to appease the rain god. Women carrying `soop’ (dustpan), `chimta’ (tong)-`belan’ (wooden rolling) and flour, are doing circumambulation of the village, and offering `bhog’ in the temples, and praying to appease Indra Devta.
The age-old ritual is also called `Bhauri’ practice.
The belief is that this way, Indra Devta will bring rain after `Bhauri’ is prepared and offered to him with prayers. On Saturday morning, Madanpur village conducted the ‘Bhauri’ ritual. In this ritual, women of the village assemble at one place with ‘soop’, ‘tong’, ‘belan’, flour and water and prepare small size ‘chapatis’’ (wheat bread).
After this, they circumambulate the village and then gather near the temple and bake the wheat bread in the cow dung cake fire to appease the rain god. Then `Bhauri’ is offered to god in the temple. They offer prayers and distribute `Bhauri’ among other villagers in the form of ‘prasad’.
“As there is no sight of rain, it has become necessary to resort to such age-old practice to appease the god,” said a social activist Kanchan Mishra.
Bhauri has its own importance and people have faith in it, said Anand Tiwari, a local astrologer. “People through Bhauri try to please Indra Devta who is believed to be the god of rain,” Tiwari added.
There have been instances when there was bountiful rainfall when such rituals were performed in the region in the past for pleasing the rain god.


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