Jhansi commissioner gives 2 verdicts in Sanskrit | Kanpur News

Jhansi: In probably the first instance in 110 years of the history of Jhansi commissionerate, the divisional commissioner wrote the verdict in Sanskrit while disposing of two cases on Friday. However, he also ensured a copy of Hindi translation of the same for easy understanding for the petitioners.
As per details, while hearing case number 1296/2021, Chakkilal v/s Rajaram being tried under section 207 of UP Revenue Code, 2006 and case number 1266/2021, Rahees Yadav v/s UP Government under section 18 of Arms Act, the verdicts were given in Sanskrit by commissioner Jhansi division, Ajay Shankar Pandey.
As per commissionerate record-keeper, Dilip Kumar, no such record of any verdict given in Sanskrit language has been found in the record section which has records of all the earlier verdicts since the commencement of the office in 1911. The move was welcomed by the lawyers of both sides in both the cases as well as other lawyers present in the campus hailing it as a landmark event.
Talking to TOI, commissioner Pandey said, “Hindi is our mother tongue while Sanskrit is mother of all languages and if we start using it in our daily life then only we can promote it in a meaningful way. This very thought motivated me to write the verdicts in Sanskrit. I will try to carry on this practice in future too.”


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