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Kanpur: Income Tax raid on the house and establishments of SP MLC and perfume businessman Pushpraj Jain alias Pampi Jain is currently going on. The IT team had reached Kanpur with Jain on Sunday night.
If sources are to be believed, the team of the IT department brought Pampi Jain to Kanpur from Kannauj, his native district.
“On Monday morning, the IT team took Pampi to his brother Atul Jain’s residence at Ratan Presidency located at the Rani Ghat crossing in the city,” sources said. At the same time, sources further informed that the IT team interrogated four of Jain’s accountants and a driver in Kannauj on Sunday. It is being said that they have been taken to Odisha and Mumbai, although it has not been officially confirmed yet.
A team of officers of the Income Tax department reached the house of Pushpraj Jain alias Pampi Jain’s brother Atul Jain at Ratan Presidency located at the Rani Ghat crossing on Monday morning along with him.
Pampi’s brother lives in the flat no: 503 located in the Ratan Presidency. A team of the Income Tax Department officials has also brought some files, which are being scanned by them. A team is also present at Pampi’s native residence in Kannauj, where his brother Atul Jain is being questioned.
On Sunday, it was being said that a team of Income Tax has gone to Odisha from Kannauj along with three accountants of Pampi, while one team has left for Mumbai with a driver and an accountant. Pampi Jain also has a factory in Odisha while its head office is located in Mumbai. However, Income Tax officials have not come on record yet on this.
It has come to the fore that a large amount of capital comes from the Middle East countries in Pampi’s company, said sources. “What is its purpose and source is being investigated,” sources added.
According to sources, there is a big difference between the sales and profit shown by their firms. Sources meanwhile said, it is also being claimed by the IT team that tax has not been paid even after making 50% of profit.
“This has further widened the scope of investigation,” sources said and added further, “On the other hand, cash worth Rs 3.5 crore has been found from the residence of another perfume businessman Fauzan Malik in Kannauj. Evidence of cash transactions worth Rs 10 crores has come to fore at his Delhi residence. Four bank lockers found in Kannauj and Delhi have been sealed,” source said further.
Pushpraj Jain, while talking to media in Kannauj on Sunday evening, had said that the investigation will go on for a day or two. On the question whether he is having any problem, the perfume businessman had said, “Be cool, be happy, there is no problem.” He however remained silent when the media persons asked him whether the cash was found during the raid from his premises. However, on the question of recovery of cash at his Mumbai premises, Jain said, “I am here, how do I know.”
On being queried whether the IT officers have confiscated some forms, he had said that this is the work of the government.

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