How Police Arrested 5 Accused in Mysuru Gangrape Case

Five labourers allegedly involved in the gang-rape of a college student near Mysuru earlier this week were arrested Saturday and police revealed that despite the lack of description of the accused, a thorough comb of the crime scene gave clues which ultimately led to their nabbing – bus tickets and alcohol bottles.

A police official told Times of India that a “a thorough search of the incident site and a collection of evidence helped us uncover the two tickets, which allowed us to solve the case”.

An investigation led authorities to believe that the tickets had been purchased on a bus operated by the Tamil Nadu State Express Transport Corporation. Karnataka authorities were able to locate the five out of six suspects with the help of their counterparts in Tamil Nadu, in the the early hours of Saturday.

Forensic Science Laboratory professionals, who worked day and night to establish scientific proof, were also complimented by DG & IGP Praveen Sood.

Mysuru police had to rely on physical evidence acquired at the crime scene. Other items seized by police included liquor bottles and tyre marks on the ground. Each team assigned to investigate the issue was instructed to take one particular path.

Tickets from Talavadi in Erode district to Chamarajanagar had been purchased by two of the suspects, and they travelled by a utility vehicle to Mysuru. Karnataka police went through call records at the crime scene in Mysuru, as well as places in Chamarajanagar and Talavadi, once the duo was apprehended. Police were able to apprehend three others when the data led them to the duo.

To earn a living, the accused went to Mysuru with a driver of a utility vehicle and unloaded and loaded vegetables and fruits at the APMC yard. Before coming home, they would normally wander about Mysuru. “Only this time they committed a horrible crime before they left the city,” said Sood.

According to police sources, the liquor bottles had a security seal from the Tamil Nadu Excise Department, which aided in catching the thieves. The investigation involved cops from Mysuru, Chamarajanagar, Kodagu, Hassan, and Mandya.

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