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Kanpur: The government has taken several measures to eliminate tuberculosis (T.B.) from the country by 2025. One of the measures is ‘Adopt people with T.B’. Under this mission, private institutions can adopt TB patients from any block or ward, and provide nutrition, treatment and professional support to the adopted person.
The officers will contact influential persons who can adopt T.B. patients of any village, block and district.
District T.B. officer AP Mishra said that the mission, named as ‘Community Help’ would provide help and care to T. B. patients.
Under the old system, a T.B. patients used to be adopted either privately or through any NGO but now with the help of influential persons, such patients can be adopted from a village, ward or block, Mishra said. Big educational institutions, owners of industrial organizations, public representatives and NGOs would be contacted and motivated to adopt tuberculosis patients of urban wards, villages, blocks or districts, he further said.
The department would provide the list of T.B. patients to them and they would bear the responsibility of nutrition and proper care of the patients. They would also have to see that there was no discrimination against such patients in the society, Mishra added.
Rajiv Saxena, district programme coordinator, said the patient would be given a choice whether they want to get themselves registered for the programme or not and their decision would not affect the existing services available to them.
Thereafter, the health workers would obtain a consent letter duly filled by such patients and submitted by them. T. B. patients would be given all help during their treatment, Saxena said.
The Central government has resolved to eliminate tuberculosis from the country by 2025, and to fulfil this commitment the health department is working seriously in a planned manner, he said.
He has appealed to the public to cooperate in eradicating tuberculosis from the country.
The symptoms of tuberculosis are persistent cough for two-three weeks, cough with blood, chest pain or pain while breathing, rapid weight loss, night sweating and too much fatigue etc are symptoms of T.B, Saxena informed.

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