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Kanpur: A family moved out of their home in Sikanadara area of Kanpur Dehat alleging molestation by a local goon and his aides. Police said a probe has been launched into the alleged incident.
A private employee, a resident of Rajpur police station area, alleged in his complaint that on September 24, while his daughter was going to attend coaching classes, she was molested by a local goon and his aides on the way. She returned home and narrated her ordeal to them.
He lives with his daughter, wife, son and an elderly mother at a locality in Sikandara police area of the district.
It was when they tried to lodge a protest, they all were beaten up by the hoodlum and his associates.
The accused is now threatening that he will kill them and become `Vikas Dubey’.
“The goon is saying that he will kill them and become a criminal like ‘Vikas Dubey’. As a result, out of panic, the whole family is forced to take shelter at the relative’s house,” he told reporters, and added, “We have also written a message on the door, wherein we have stated the reason for the exodus.”
He said, “we have written on the door – ‘Due to some `dabang’ (fearless) people, we are migrating to Jainpur. We have been threatened with death. Often our children are being stalked and molested on the way. Goon Ramu Mishra and his four aides said that he will not let them stay in the village. If they were seen in the village, the goon said that he would shoot them and become a criminal like ‘Vikas Dubey’.”
Rajpur police station in-charge Kapil Dubey said that the two sides had allegedly indulged in a fight earlier over some issue a few days ago.
“Action has already been taken with regard to the incident. There was no charge of molestation at that point of time. Now, a fresh complaint has been received about molestation. Also, it came to fore that the family before leaving the home had written a message on the door of the house. It is being investigated. Strict action will be taken if the allegations are found to be true,” said Dubey further.

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