Faith-shaking: MP CM Shivraj Chouhan on rape of child in Bhopal school bus

Madhya Pradesh chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Thursday condemned the rape of a child on a private school bus in Bhopal, calling it a ‘faith-shaking’ incident. He said “strict action should be taken against the guilty driver, female help, as well as the school management”.

“The misbehaviour with a daughter in a private school bus in Bhopal is a faith-shaking incident. Strict action should be taken against the guilty driver, female help, as well as school management. Necessary directions were given in the emergency meeting this morning,” Chouhan said in a tweet.

Earlier, the CM had called for a meeting to give necessary directions in the matter. During the meeting, the chief minister said that “it is the responsibility of the school to verify the staff who run school buses”.

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“We cannot leave the children in the hands of predators,” he added. Chouhan also said that it was the school’s responsibility to keep a check on the CCTV cameras.

“There should be a strong belief that if there is a government, the criminals will not go scot free. Strict action should be taken in the given time, so that the management also understands its responsibility,” he said.

On September 8, a minor girl was reportedly raped by a bus driver in the presence of a woman attendant. The driver had changed the girl’s school dress with a spare dress that is mandatory for nursery students.

As the victim’s mother noticed the difference in her clothing upon returning home, she contacted her teacher and the school administration, but both denied changing the child’s clothes.

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“The girl later complained of pain in her private parts. Her parents took her into confidence and counseled her, following which she informed them that the bus driver had abused her and also changed her clothes. The girl’s parents filed a complaint with police, following which a probe was launched,” a police officer said.

Both the driver and the woman attendant – who was present inside the bus at the time of the incident – have been arrested.

Meanwhile, the Bhopal district administration has demolished the “illegal” house of the accused bus driver.

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