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Kanpur: The Election Commission (EC) has made arrangements for elderly and physically challenged persons to cast their votes physically.
Voting through postal ballots for elderly and physically challenged voters in Kanpur Nagar district beginning from Thursday will continue till February 13. The polling parties will visit homes of elderly and physically challenged persons and give them postal ballots for voting. The polling parties have been instructed not to tell them any party’s symbol. They will have to use their brain and will to cast their votes.
This facility has been given to the voters who have attained the age of 80 years, are physically challenged or Covid infected. They can cast their votes from their homes. According to the district election office, the booth level officers visited the homes of the elderly persons and obtained their consent letter stating that they would cast their vote from their homes. Out of 55,627 voters who are 80-year-old, 724 of them have given their consent to cast their votes through ballot papers.
Similarly, out of 23757 physically challenged persons, 267 persons have given their consent for ballot voting while the others said they would cast their votes at booths. The district election office informed that ballot papers had already been printed and would be pasted on EVM machines. The ballot papers will be set in the EVM machines at Naubasta Galla mandi premises in presence of observers. The members of the polling parties would cast their votes from February 11, said a source in district election office.

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