Delhi-based chemical manufacturer Vikas Ecotech files patent for polymer nanocomposites

Image Source : VIKAS ECOTECH WEBSITE R&D Division of Vikas Ecotech is a DSIR recognised center of Ministry of Science & Technology.

Vikas Ecotech, a leading provider of high-end specialty chemicals, has announced that its R&D division has collaborated with King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia.

The company said that it has filed a patent in collaboration with the King Khalid University on ‘A Process for the designing of Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites on Activated Carbon Membrane for the Removal of Bacterial Contamination from Polluted Waste Water’.

The filing said that the technology conducts polymer nanocomposite-based membrane that is helpful in the removal of E. coli and total coliform from wastewater. These nanocomposites are economically feasible and can find widespread market usage compared to conventional waste water treatment methods.

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R&D Division of Vikas Ecotech is a DSIR recognised center of Ministry of Science & Technology. It works on various cutting-edge researches in multiple fields of advance science which are aiming to improve environment, life, beneficial to overall sustainability.

Vikas Ecotech in a statement said that it finds active and prestigious partner through the latest collaboration in providing better and affordable, advance-technology backed products.

Vikas Ecotech caters to a wide horizon of applications in agriculture, infrastructure, packaging, electrical, footwear, pharmaceuticals, automotive, medical devices and components and other consumer goods.

Shares of Vikas Ecotech ended flat at Rs 3.30 apiece on NSE on Monday.

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