Cryptocurrency market suffers significant drop as Bitcoin experiences 3.35% decline

Image Source : FREEPIK The cryptocurrency market has suffered a significant drop as Bitcoin experiences a 3.35% decline and Ethereum

As of February 22nd, Bitcoin, which is the cryptocurrency with the largest market capitalization, saw a decline of 3.07% and was trading at $23,791.57. Meanwhile, Ethereum was trading at approximately $1,619.98.

Uniswap, the decentralized exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, has recently made headlines for its entry into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are unique digital assets that can represent anything from art to music, and their popularity has exploded in recent years. Now, Uniswap is allowing users to trade NFTs on its platform using its native tokens.

Uniswap’s move into the NFT space is significant for several reasons. First, it marks a major expansion of the platform’s capabilities, as it was previously focused solely on the trading of cryptocurrencies. Second, it highlights the growing importance of NFTs in the blockchain ecosystem, as more and more platforms are integrating them into their offerings.

To use Uniswap’s new NFT trading feature, users must first connect their Ethereum wallets to the platform. They can then browse a variety of NFTs, from rare collectibles to digital art pieces, and trade them using Uniswap’s native tokens, known as UNI. This means that users can now buy and sell NFTs without the need for a centralized exchange or third-party platform.Major cryptocurrencies are trading as follows as of 9 am IST, 23 February 2023 :

Bitcoin: $24,846.26


Ethereum: $1,698.94


Tether: $1.02


USD Coin: $1.00


BNB: $317.77


XRP: $0.401


Dogecoin: $0.08755


Cardano: $0.3982


Polygon: $1.43


Polkadot: $7.46


Tron: $0.06974


Litecoin: $97.19


Shibu Inu: $0.00001369 USD


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