City Sizzles At 44.5celsius, No Relief In Coming Days | Kanpur News

Kanpur: For the past two days, the city has been reeling under extremely harsh weather conditions. The day temperature has gone upto 45 degree Celsius. This has been giving a very tough time to people. On Friday, the day temperature recorded was 44.5 degree Celsius. This was five degree more than the normal value.
On Saturday, the day temperature dipped a bit yet it was above normal value. The temperature recorded was 43.4 degrees. This was 3.3 degrees more than what it should have been. On Thursday, the maximum temperature was 40 degrees. There was much relief from scorching heat between May 2 and May 11 as the maximum temperature had stood below 40 degree celsius.
The night temperature is also equally high. On Thursday night, the temperature was 27.4 degree Celsius. It was 2.6 degrees more than the normal index. The night hours on Thursday were therefore, extremely uncomfortable. On Friday night the temperature recorded was 25 degrees. The Met stated that there will be no relief from scorching heat in the coming days.


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