City Sizzles At 43 Degrees Celsius | Kanpur News

Kanpur: The day temperature once again reached 43 degree Celsius. This was for the third time in April that the day temperature touched 43 degrees. It was on April 18 and 19 – for two consecutive days that the maximum temperature had peaked to 43 degree celsius, making it extremely uncomfortable for the people.
A high of 43 degree celsius – is about 3.5 degrees more than the normal value. Such a high temperature accompanied with hot winds – posed huge challenge to locals in city. Powercuts due to occurence of faults further added to the woes of the people.
Till Tuesday the temperature during the day time was hovering between 40 and 42 degrees. But Wednesday’s temperature was abnormally high. However, there was some relief during the night hours due to fall in temperature. Tuesday night’s temperature recorded was 21.6 degree celsius while Monday night’s temperature was 23.6 degrees.
The Met department of CSA university stated that the city skies will remain clear and there are no chances of rain. As a result, there would be no relief as of now from the scorching weather conditions. It also stated that the hot winds would continue to blow.

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