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Kanpur: A team of around 27 trainee scientists B (hydrogeologists) visited Khanchandrapur in Kanpur Dehat and collected samples of chromium sulfate from the polluted underground water. They also recorded the ill impact of chromium on human beings and animals.
These trainee scientists belong to Rajiv Gandhi National Underground Water Training and Research Institute and are in Khanchandrapur on a four months training tour. They said the students who had done M.Sc in zoology, chemistry or geophysics, and successfully competed in the GSI exams conducted by the Union Public Service Commission were termed as trainee scientists B and were later posted as hydrogeologists. The trainee scientists are from 15 states including Rajasthan, Assam, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand etc.
Trainer TVN Singh, PK Singh, Rajeev Ranjan Shukla (Raipur Institute), KS Rana, TK Pant and Sudhir Srivastava (all from Central Underground Board North Zone Lucknow) taught the trainee scientists about the procedure to collect polluted underground water sample and chromium sulfate.
TK Pant informed that the collected samples of chromium sulfate and the underground water would be tested in the Lucknow lab. After completing the field training, the trainees would leave for Lucknow to be trained at the regional training center. Khanchandrapur came to limelight at the national level when the ill effects of illegal storage of chromium waste were exposed.
The National Green Tribunal in the case (Chandni Chemicals Pvt Ltd Vs UP Pollution Control Board) observed that the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board had failed to take action when violation of environment norms started and “kept its eyes shut for 14 years after the companies had closed”.
The chromium dump in Kanpur Dehat is still causing damage to the environment and the public health.
People who are responsible for dumping the hazardous waste, which has contaminated the groundwater to the detriment of the inhabitants, cannot disown their responsibility for such a damage being caused to the underground water, the NGT observed.
The NGT had also directed UPPCB to fix liability of the industries within three months as chromium waste is still dumped underground near the village.

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