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Kanpur: A team of police and trade tax department recovered cash worth Rs 4.44 lakh from a loader at MP-UP border in Mahoba district on Wednesday.
During the checking of vehicles on the Madhya Pradesh border, the team conducted a search of a loader and recovered cash worth Rs 4.44 lakh. The loader driver could not provide any evidence of the amount. Cash has been deposited in the treasury and the driver has been asked to provide evidence in a week for claiming the same.
Dharmendra Kumar, assistant commissioner trade tax, Mahoba, said that he was checking vehicles with police near Kaimaha, adjacent to the MP border. Just then a loader came. On seeing the police, the driver however tried to flee after taking a U-turn.
However, after a brief chase, the police caught the driver and during a search of the vehicle’s cabin, a paper-wrapped bundle was found. On opening it, cash worth Rs 4.44 lakh was recovered. The driver said that he had to give this money to a businessman in Generalganj, Kanpur.
Loader driver Surendra Babu, resident of Mansoura Rurwahar of Akbarpur area of Kanpur Dehat, told investigators that he was returning to Kanpur after unloading goods at Kaimaha in Mahoba district on the MP border. “He said that he often goes to Mahoba from Kanpur through the same route,” said the official. According to the assistant commissioner, the receipt has been given to the driver after depositing the cash in the treasury. Further action will be taken on the basis of evidence.

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