bihar: Will make Bihar country’s ethanol hub: Industries minister Shahnawaz Hussain | Patna News

PATNA: Industries minister Shahnawaz Hussain on Thursday said 501 acres of Bihar Industrial Area Development Authority (BIADA) land across the state have been distributed among entrepreneurs establishing their production units.
“The distribution of land on such a scale and in such a short period of time is a record. It is an indication that the investors are willing to invest in Bihar and establish their industrial production units. Each of them has also paid the money charged on the land,” the minister told mediapersons here.
He hoped Bihar would emerge as one of the major ethanol production centres in the country. “So far, the bids of as many as 29 companies to establish units for the production of ethanol in the state have been cleared. Their combined proposal is to produce 168 crore litres of ethanol,” he said.
The State Investment Promotion Board headed by development commissioner has received project proposals worth Rs 35,000 crore, the minister said, adding after the framing of the ethanol policy, the work has started on the preparation of textile and leather policies of the state government.
He said that not a single company had told him orally or in writing that the rate of electricity in the state was higher than in other states. “I have not heard anyone even talking about it,” Hussain said.

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