Bhopal’s teen serial killer lives in isolation cell at Sagar jail. Here’s why | Latest News India

Shivprasad Dhurve, the teen who killed four security guards in Madhya Pradesh last month, has been put in a separate cellar at the Sagar central jail amid fears of other inmates. Given the nature of his offence, the jail administration is on high alert.

“Looking at his instincts, the serial killer has been kept with other prisoners. He is confined to an isolation cell. Six cases, including four serial killings, have been registered against him,” jail superintendent Rakesh Bhangre told PTI.

The 19-year-old is allowed to leave his barrack only when he is brought for a shower in the company of a prison warden. He is not permitted to carry any utensils with him since he is considered capable of utilising any accessible item as a weapon, the jail superintendent said.

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The plate on which he is served his meals is taken back immediately after he finishes eating, he added.

“Since he was brought in on September 6, his behaviour has been normal. Dhurve has asked for religious and educational books in Hindi and he is spending his time reading them,” Bhangre added.

So far he has had no visitors in prison, the official said.

Dhurve, who allegedly bludgeoned four security guards to death to become famous, targeted sleeping security guards. He killed three of them in Sagar district and the fourth one in Bhopal. The first three killings came to light in the space of 72 hours, while the fourth victim, from Bhopal, fell prey a few hours before Dhurve was arrested on September 2.

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