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Kanpur: To reduce mother and child mortality and to ensure better maternal health, it is necessary to plan birth of the first child after two years of marriage and also to keep a gap of at least three years in the birth of the second child.
For this, the health department has introduced a ‘basket of choices’ containing effective and safe means to ensure better mother-child health. For this, it is important to know who, when and which means would be preferable to adopt.
As many as nine means have been included in the ‘basket of choice’. For proper choice, one can take help from the local health centre, doctor, family planning counsellor, ASHA worker, ASHA Sangini and ANM. Chief medical officer Kanpur Nagar Dr Nepal Singh said that with the help of family planning counsellor and Community Health Officer at 210 health units in the district, the right counselling was being given about the ‘basket of choice’ according to the condition of the beneficiary.
The information about it is also given on the Happy Family Day which is held on the 21st day of every month. The interval day is held on every Thursday and Prime Minister’s safe motherhood campaign day on the 9th of every month, the CMO added.
Male and female sterilization, Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD), Postpartum Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (PPIUCD), quarterly intra-injection, condom, shadow and ECP pills are part of the ‘basket of choice’.
Additional chief medical officer Dr SK Singh said, “Every beneficiary can adopt family planning as per his requirement but the guidelines for counsellor and doctors are meant to collect information about those aspects of the beneficiary in which a particular means is suitable for him”.
District data manager of National Health Mission said in the financial year (2020-21) as many as 125 male and 3,333 females came forward for sterilization. Similarly, 27370 beneficiaries came forward for IUCD, 12780 for PPIUCD, 10,007 for quarterly intra-injection, 14,00,418 condoms, 31,039 shadow and 28866 RCP in the district.

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