Baba Biryani Owner Got Loan By Mortgaging Enemy Property | Kanpur News

Kanpur: Mukhtar Ahmed alias Baba, the owner of Baba Biryani, and the alleged financer of Hayat Zafar Hashmi, the main accused of June 3 Parade, Nai Sadak violence, who is also accused of capturing Ram Janki temple (Enemy Property) in Kanpur, had taken a loan of Rs 1.61 crore by mortgaging the enemy property in a fraudulent manner.
The matter surfaced following an anonymous letter recently sent to the district administration.
The district administration, after conducting preliminary investigation, has sought information in this regard from the bank that had lent the loan to Mukhtar Baba. The administration wants to see how Mukhtar had obtained a loan of crores by mortgaging the enemy property and how the bank gave him the loan without doing any investigation. It is strange that even for giving this loan, the properties which Baba had kept in the form of guarantee, were also potential enemy properties. Mukhtar had taken a loan of Rs 1.61 crore in 2014 from the Kidwai Nagar branch of Bank of Baroda. Anuraj Jain SDM Sadar said on the instruction of senior authorities a probe in this regard is underway. “We have asked for all relevant documents against which Baba had obtained a loan from bank concerned,” Jain further said. tnn

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