Another Building Of Haji Mohd Wasi In City Sealed By Kda | Kanpur News

Kanpur: The Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) on Wednesday sealed another building of Haji Mohd Wasi, a builder accused of funding rioters in June 3 violence, in Sakera State in Anwarganj area of the city. Preparations are also being made to demolish the seven buildings of Wasi sealed on May 28.
At the same time, after not receiving any response with regard to the two notices served to the office of Dawat-e-Islami (DeI) recently, the KDA is in the process of serving demolition notices, if the documents regarding the same will not be made available to the authorities concerned.
KDA had started tightening the noose on illegal buildings of Wasi. In view of this, the KDA had also demolished some portion of his illegal building in Benajhabar area of the city on June 11. In this sequence, a building of Wasi being built in Sakera State located in Anwarganj was sealed by the KDA in the supervision of special officer Sat Shukla on Wednesday. It is being said that this building has been raised on government land.
Officer on special duty Avnish Singh said that preparations are now being made to demolish the other sealed buildings of Wasi. Necessary documentation regarding this is underway.
“At the same time, the authority had served two notices to the Dawat-e-Islami office in Colonelganj, but no response has been received so far. The deadline of the second notice has also expired on August 19. Now the demolition notice will be given to the office of Dawat-e- Islami,” he added.


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