Amazon removes 60 million counterfeit items out of its supply chains

Image Source : HTTPS://PRESS.ABOUTAMAZON.COM/PHYSICAL-R Amazon removes 60 million counterfeit items out of its supply chains

Amazon has claimed that it has eliminated six million counterfeit items from its worldwide supply chain in 2022. The ecommerce company stated it blocked over 800,000 attempts to register new selling accounts in 2022, preventing bad actors from submitting even one product for sale. From 2.5 million attempts in 2021 and 6 million attempts in 2020, the number has declined.

As per reports, in 2022, over six million counterfeit products will be identified, seized, and disposed of thanks to a strategic alliance between experts, industry-leading technology, and Amazon’s marketplaces and stores. This will stop the products from reaching customers and being resold elsewhere in the global supply chain.

Amazon’s director of Global Brand Relations, Anna Dalla Val, stated that the business will continue to spend, including in its staff, to combat issues such as counterfeiting and bad actor activities. She stated that Amazon is putting money into advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches to strengthen its counterfeit detection systems.

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Many experts have recently expressed concerns and outlined how new technology, such as AI tools, might be utilised by bad actors who are seeking for loopholes and other ways to abuse them.

Amazon has spent more than $1.2 billion and hired over 15,000 people to safeguard customers, brands, and selling partners from counterfeits and fraud.

It eliminated 60 lakh fake items last year as well. According to Amazon’s third annual Brand Protection Report, the company will keep innovating to eradicate counterfeit goods.

Anna Dalla Val also emphasised the company’s improvements in seller verification, which are discouraging undesirable actors from attempting to open new selling accounts.

According to Anna Dalla Val, the corporation started a multi-phase consumer education and awareness campaign in India.

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Amazon India and the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to work in educating online consumers about their rights and raising awareness about safe buying practices, ultimately protecting online buyers from unethical actors.

According to the report, Amazon’s CCU (Counterfeit Crimes Unit) works with law enforcement or joint enforcement and seizures around the world, including taking action against bad actors, suppliers, social media influencers, and fake invoice providers, in addition to disrupting counterfeiters through civil suits.

She stated that it would pursue over 1,300 perpetrators through litigation and criminal referrals in 2022. Almost 8 billion daily attempted changes to product detail pages were scanned for signals of potential exploitation by Amazon’s automated technologies.

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