After Friday prayers, Imams make appeal from mosques in Kanpur exhorting youths to follow Agnipath | Kanpur News

KANPUR: A group of clerics and Muslim intellectuals in Kanpur made an appeal before and after Friday prayers asking community youths to apply for the newly launched Agnipath scheme and to utilize the opportunity and serve the country by joining the defence forces. The appeal was made from the majority of the mosques in the city.
The initiative has been started under the banner of Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) that works for the cause of education for Muslim children.

Maulana Meraj Ashrafi, Imam of Nanpara Mosque at Yateem Khana crossing, said that the youngsters should apply for the Agnipath scheme. “This is a good opportunity which involves not only employment but also an opportunity to serve the country,” said Ashrafi.
“This is a good initiative of the government. On Friday, we asked people to grab the opportunity and get their eligible children to apply for the scheme,” said Qari Idrees, a cleric at a mosque in Chaubeypur.

After Friday prayers at Nanpara mosques, general secretary of All India Sunni Ulema Council Haji Mohammad Salees said that the community youth between 17 and 23 years should go ahead and apply for the Agnipath scheme and not indulge in any kind of controversy.
“Even though the employment under the scheme is for four years, many opportunities are open even after this. They should apply for jobs in the Agnipath scheme and become Agniveers and serve the nation by securing borders of the country,” he said.
Haji Mohammad Salees told TOI, “We have been appealing to Muslim youths because the scheme will also bring a discipline among them and also make them trained professionals. We had spoken to Imams of many mosques, from where the appeal was made before and after Friday prayers today. The promotional campaign will continue.”
“All India Sunni Ulema Council has lakhs of members all over the country. Besides, a large number of clerics are associated with the council. So, this appeal will definitely prove to be a boon for Agnipath,” Salees said.
Last week, violence marred several states, including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Telangana, while peaceful agitations were held in several places against the scheme.
“First of all, a handful of politicians allege that the Modi government is not doing anything. And now when they have brought jobs through Agnipath, they are protesting or provoking youngsters to protest it without knowing about it,” said Bilal Ahmed, an aspirant looking for a job.

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