Adani, TotalEnergies to build world’s largest Green Hydrogen Ecosystem

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Adani, Total Aegis to build world’s largest Green Hydrogen Ecosystem

India’s fastest-growing oil trading portfolio, Adani, and France’s NG Supervisor Toot Energy have jointly formed a new plant to create the world’s largest green hydrogen ecosystem. In this strategic partnership, Adani New Industries Ltd. (ANIL) and Adani Enterprises Ltd. (AEL) will acquire 25% of the royalty interest.

This new partnership will focus on Green Hydrogen and is expected to transform the energy landscape in India. Adani and Total Energies are both at the forefront of energy transition and clean energy adoption.

The platform further strengthens the public ESG commitments made by both companies. ANIL ambitions to contribute more than $50 billion to Green Hydrogen and related ecosystem in the next 10 years to invest. In the initial stage, ANIL Green Hydrogen production of 1 billion tonnes per year before 2030 Kshita will develop.

Gautam Adani, Chairman, Adani Group, said, “The strategic value, business and interest is very high at both the levels. In order to become the biggest green hider engine player in the world, Tot Partnership with Engz brings together multiple dimensions which include R&D, market access and end consumer demand.

“We look forward to the continued expansion of our alliances of all kinds of special interests. Like the world’s most expensive electronics, we believe in our ability to produce the world’s most expensive greenhouse gas. Hari will drive the capacity. This partnership will open up many exciting downstream avenues.” he said. 

“Renewable and low-carbon hydrogen is a major drivestone in implementing the strategy, where we can achieve our goal by 2030. Not only do we want to decarbonize the hydrogen used in European refineries, but also meet the bill demand. We are also at the fore in the production of Green Hydrogen on a large scale,” he added.

This partnership is based on the exceptional talent between the two platforms, where Adani, the Indian market has its deepest Easy Rapid Execution Capability, Operational Excellence, and Capital Agent’s Party will be provided under this Partnership. While the company will continue to grow debt growth and financing with its deep understanding of global and European markets.

It will enhance financial strength and have expertise in required technologies.  It will help in providing the largest Green Hydrogen Ecosystem in the world, which in turn will help in providing the consumer with Green Hydrogen and will help in accelerating global energy transition.

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