Aap Ki Adalat: ‘Naam lo magar kuchh mat karo’ was Congress’ style: Sitharaman on Muslims fund row | WATCH

Image Source : INDIA TV Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Aap Ki Adalat

Aap Ki Adalat | Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Friday (February 3) appeared on a special show- Aap Ki Adalat and faced a host of questions from India TV Chairman and Editor-in-chief Rajat Sharma.

On the question about decreasing funds for Minorities in the Budget 2023, she said it is about the context without knowing the background it is not correct to say that fund is reduced. 

Sitharaman slams P Chidambaram

On the question related to senior Congress leader P Chidambaram’s remark that Sitharaman did not mention poverty in the Budget speech, she said they used to take the name of poverty 1000 times but had they eliminated poverty from the nation.

“They kept making rhetorics but did not work, we don’t take names but work that is why they are saying that there was no excitement in the Budget,” she said.

The finance minister said it was Congress’ style that ‘Naam lo magar kuchh mat karo’ (Keep make rhetoric and don’t work) but PM Modi worked for the Minorities and one can feel it. 

On the allegation of Opposition that there was no excitement in the Budget, she said it is right that there was no excitement because the government ended the lobbying culture and there was no role of middlemen in the process of making budget documents.

“We started the Budget process in November. We consulted all stakeholders and then we made the documents,” she added.

The transparency in the governance removed the corruption from the system which is why the Opposition could not find excitement in the the Budgte, Sitharaman said.

The transparency in governance is the style of PM Modi and even when he was the CM he used to practice high transparency in governance, that is why there are no corruption charges on our ministers, she added.

On the price hikes, she said the economy of the country is also increasing and we should not ignore the growth of income.


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