A sealed first-generation iPhone model auctioned for around Rs 52 lakh

Image Source : TWITTER@DEFNOODLES US auction nets $63,000 for an unopened iPhone from 2007

A sealed first-generation iPhone has been sold for a staggering  $63,356.40 at an auction, almost 16 years after its initial release. The device, owned by tattoo artist Karen Green, was expected to fetch around $50,000 but ended up selling for almost 16 times the original pricing of $599 after 27 bids. The phone’s 8GB storage and factory-sealed status make it highly desirable for collectors and investors. The first-generation iPhone, or iPhone 2G, came with either 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB of storage.  

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Green’s iPhone was given to her by friends as a gift when she started a new job in 2007. She already had a new non-smartphone and didn’t want to switch to AT&T from Verizon, so she never opened the iPhone. As the years went by, she realized the device could be valuable, so she kept it in its box. In 2019, appraisers on the show ‘The Doctor & The Diva’ estimated its value to be around $5,000.

Louisiana-based auction house LCG Auctions, specializing in pop culture collectables, handled the bidding for Green’s iPhone. The company called it a “highly-desirable factory-sealed first-generation original Apple iPhone from 2007.” The phone’s “sharp corners front and back, rich colour, and ‘case fresh’ features” make it an excellent collectable for anyone interested in the early history of smartphones.

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Other factory-sealed, first-edition iPhones have also sold well at recent auctions, with prices of $35,414 and $39,339. But Green’s phone is the first original model “in acceptable condition” to go up for auction since then, according to LCG. The company expects more record-breaking sales in the future as high-end collectors look for relevant, rare, and replaceable items.



Q: Why did the sealed first-generation iPhone sell for such a high price at auction?

A: The phone’s 8GB storage and factory-sealed status make it a rare find, and highly desirable for collectors and investors who are willing to pay a premium for such items.


Q: Who owned the sealed first-generation iPhone that sold for $63,356.40 at auction?

A: The device was owned by tattoo artist Karen Green, who decided to sell it after keeping it in a drawer for over a decade.


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