60-yr-old woman who killed husband by giving electric shocks imprisoned for life

A 60-year-old assistant professor was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing her husband, a retired doctor, by inflicting electric shocks.

Police arrested professor of chemistry Mamta Pathak for killing her husband Dr Neeraj Pathak, 63, by giving him sleeping pills and inflicting electric shocks on him on May 2, 2021.

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“The session court found her guilty of murder and sentenced her to life imprisonment”, prosecution advocate Shivakant Tripathi said.

“Dr Neeraj Pathak was found dead at his residence on May 1. His wife Mamta told police that she had gone to Jhansi and when she came back on May 1, she found her husband dead”, said Tripathi.

“During the investigation, the driver of Mamta informed police that on the way to Jhansi, Mamta said she had committed a big mistake. The police also found audio of Neeraj Pathak which went viral on social media that his wife used to torture him,” Tripathi added.

When police interrogated Mamta, she confessed to the crime.

“Mamta came to know that Neeraj Pathak was in a relationship with another woman. Mamta had also filed a complaint with police in January 2021 that her husband used to give her sedative pills by mixing them in food so that he can meet another woman. However, she withdrew the complaint later,” police said in the chargesheet.

“Mamta, who was a professor of chemistry, gave overdose of sleeping pills to her husband and later killed him by inflicting electric shocks on the night of April 29. She made a plan to go to Jhansi with his son for two days so that the presence of sleeping pills wouldn’t have been found in the postmortem and cause of death could be termed as an accident,” the chargesheet added.

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