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KANPUR: Yamuna river is in full spate in Kanpur and adjoining areas. Many villages have been completely submerged in flood waters. At the same time, many people have started migrating due to the flood water. There is a danger of flood due to the rise in the water level in river Ganga too. The level of water has increased 35 cm in the last 10 hours downstream.
In Kanpur, a total of 537 villages have been submerged in the Yamuna, Betwa and Ken rivers. While 114 villages in Hamirpur, 37 villages in Banda, 70 villages in Jalaun, 130 villages in Fatehpur, 15 villages in Auraiya, more than 100 villages in Etawah are in grip of floods.

537 Kanpur villages marooned in floodwater

At the same time, following floods in Yamuna and Sengur rivers in Kanpur Dehat, the connectivity of a total of 41 villages has been lost. The water level of the rivers is flowing three meters above the danger mark. In seven districts along the rivers, 537 coastal villages are in the grip of floods. At the same time, the rise and flow of river Ganga has also increased. It is flowing below two and a half meters from the danger mark, an alert has been issued in the coastal villages of Farrukhabad, Kannauj and Unnao. In Kanpur, the Yamuna river is in its formidable state. The villages situated on the banks of Yamuna in Ghatampur tehsil of Kanpur have been completely submerged. Amritepur, Mohta, Gathaita and many other villages of Ghatampur tehsil have submerged in water. Due to the worsening of situation, people have started migrating from their homes with household items, cattle.

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