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Kanpur: In view of the proposed trial run on the nine-kilometre-long Priority Corridor between IIT and Motijheel in November, Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation Limited (UPMRC) has commenced the testing of signalling system in the Metro Depot, located near Gurudev Chauraha. The first train set is being prepared for trial on the test track in the Depot and before this happens, signals are being charged and tested. This process is known as ‘signalling power on test’.
Meanwhile, signal installation work has almost completed in the Depot and on the mainline. A total of 29 signals are to be installed in the Depot, out of which, 27 have already been installed. The mainline is to be equipped with 43 signals, out of which, 35 have been placed. Currently, signal installation work is pending at the Motijheel Metro Station only and that too will be completed soon, UPMRC stated on Thursday evening.
Metro train’s movement will be controlled with the three coloured signals: Red, Violet and Green. Red signals means stop, while the violet signal allows for the conditional proceed (movement with a prescribed low-speed limit). This signal is shown when another train is in the vicinity. Green refers to the clear route and the driver (train operator) can proceed freely with the allowed speed limit.
One more kind of signal is there for movement inside the Depot. This signal has three white lights. When two lights glow horizontally, the driver is instructed to stop and when the two lights glow at a 45-degree angle, the train is allowed to proceed. This signal is called a ‘shunt signal.’
Meanwhile, Metro construction work has commenced at Naveen Market crossing. Here the work of construction of the underground station has started. The construction company would construct four underground metro stations — Chunniganj, Naveen Market, Bada Chauraha and Nayaganj. This work is part of leg two of phase one of Kanpur Metro project.

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